Coating Specialties was founded in 1998 as a family business to bring high quality, reliable, custom powder coating to Colorado. We specialize in motorcycles, hot rods, custom and decorative work, and have the experience to show for it. We have done work for Snap-On Tool Co., Mr. Gasket Co., Holley Mfg., Harley-Davidson, Two-Bit  Choppers, Bullhide 4×4, Hensel Phelps Construction, and many notable motorsport racing teams.

Why Powder Coating?

While liquid paint relies on volatile solvents to convey the resinous binder over the surface, powder coating is a dry ‘paint’ that has no need for a carrier. The result is:

Durability:The application of powder coating provides a durable finish that WILL NOT CRACK, CHIP, PEEL, CORRODE OR FADE, assuring a superior looking finish that will last for years!

Excellent Finish:Powder coating is versatile as well as durable providing all types of reults:

  • GLOSSY finishes provide a very high 95% gloss factor, create depth of image, taking on the look of multiple clear coats.
  • TEXTURED powders are best used on poor castings or older surfaces that bear imperfections or pits, and can also provide contrast to glossy surfaces.
  • COLORS in a wide range are available- OPAQUE, METALLIC, CANDY, HOT, and PASTELS, too–We can match almost any color you want.
  • CLEAR COAT with Evtech clear provides a non-yellowing, 95% gloss factor coat. When used over polished or beaded surfaces, it gives a maintenance free, outstanding look.
  • PERFORMANCE improvements; engine heat is dissipated with our polyester blended powders, and engines run cooler!